Manuals and Toolkits

  • Arbitration Agreement - Sample Policy (August 2022)
    A sample policy you can use as guidance when drafting a policy for arbitration agreements for your facility.
  • Arbitration Agreements - Do's and Don'ts for Drafting (August 2022)
    When drafting arbitration agreements, refer to this handy infographic for guidance on best practices.
  • Arbitration Agreement - Process for Introducing, Discussing, and Signing (August 2022)
    Infographic with tips for laying out the process of arbitration agreements
  • Arbitration Agreement Checklist (August 2022)
    Checklists for use by the facility to implement the arbitration agreement process, and to address any questions the resident may have about arbitration agreements and ensure their understanding.
  • Arbitration Agreement Checklist - Spanish (August 2022)
    Checklist to introduce the arbitration agreement process to the resident and to address any questions they may have and to ensure their understanding. (Spanish version)