Bedside Manners Matter.

Because Nice Matters.

Bedside Manner: Good Communication Matters

Bedside Manner Video Game

For a fully immersive bedside manner experience, test your skills in our web-based video game. Put yourself in the shoes of a staff member at a senior living facility where you are put in multiple real-life scenarios in which bedside manner comes into play. Choose the correct answer and move on to the next scenario.


Bedside Manner: Showing Respect Matters

Bedside Manner Jeopardy Game

Our Jeopardy-style bedside manner game creates a fun and engaging learning environment. We highlight topics such as the art of caring, non-verbal cues, and communication strategies.


Bedside Manner Interactive Infographic

Interactive infographics allow the learner to explore information at their own pace and engage with the content. Explore the keys to good bedside manner in a visually stimulating web experience or download our PDF and post it for your staff to see.