Medication Management Series - Module I

Medication management is a very serious responsibility. Managing medications for multiple residents is a lot different than managing your own medications at home. It is critically important while performing medication administration that strict adherence to best practices and standards be followed. During this six-part series you will start at the beginning, learning or reviewing the process of medication management from receiving medications from pharmacy to documenting post administration. Again, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining best practices and standards, never deviate or “cut corners”. You are responsible for a very important task and as such, your residents depend on your utmost care and skills.

This is the first of HealthCap’s six-part series on Medication Training. In Module I we will discuss the importance of your role in providing medications to your residents. This is not an easy job and it requires your attention and dedication to be sure the correct medications and routes are followed. There are many different routes of administering medications, we will discuss these routes individually in this Module and in Module II. Thanks for joining us and for doing your part to make medication administration a safe and effective process for your residents.


Webinar: Medication Management Series - Module I
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Select the "View On-Demand Recording" button to begin.
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