Caring for Cognitively Impaired Residents

Recorded On: 01/16/2019

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Dementia disease is a progressive decline in cognitive function with memory loss. There are many types of dementia including HIV, vascular, Lewy Body, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. Most are irreversible however when dementia is caused by thyroid disorders, drug interactions, or dehydration, the symptoms may be reversible or treatable.

Many families are unaware of their loved one's decline until the disease process has progressed significantly and the person is no longer safe. Some of this is denial and other times it is just a difficult thing to discuss with a parent or grandparent. No one will admit they have memory loss if they don’t have to as it is something that has a stigma attached to it!

This program was developed to assist you the caregiver in providing quality care to your residents with cognitive impairment while maintaining a safe, comfortable environment.


Recorded 01/16/2019
Recorded 01/16/2019
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