Infographics and Posters

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  • Interventions for Incident Reduction
    This infographic gives tips on preventing incidents before they occur.
  • A Growing Problem: Prevention Strategies for MDRO/C.Diff
    Our infographic, A Growing Problem, gives tips on preventing MDRO & c. diff
  • Moments for Hand Hygiene: Soap vs. Alcohol
    Our infographic, Soap vs. Alcohol, gives tips on when washing hands with soap is preferred.
  • After Fall Event Roadmap
    Infographic outlining the steps to take after a fall event.


Videos and animations on current topics affecting the senior living industry

  • Arbitration Agreements: Better Care = Fewer Claims = Lower Costs
    Peter Feeney and Christina Nechiporchik talk about arbitration agreements: what are the benefits and what are the obstacles?
  • 9 Tips for Drafting an Arbitration Agreement
    HealthCap presents 9 tips you can use when drafting an arbitration agreement for your facility.


Heart-to-Heart with HealthCap is a podcast the covers topics affecting the senior living industry.

  • Ep. 23 - COVID Long-Haulers
    While many people who get COVID-19 recover within a few weeks, some will suffer from long-haul symptoms for many months. This syndrome has impacted millions more Americans long after their initial diagnosis. Angie Szumlinski, Director of Risk Management at HealthCap talks with Nicole Tweedie, a "long-hauler" about what it's been like living with post-COVID symptoms. Joining them Jana Hirschtick, a researcher from the University of Michigan, who has been studying COVID patients after their diagnoses.
  • Ep 22 Claims Trends & Analysis
    Beginning in 2016 the senior living industry began to see an increase in the frequency and severity of claims. When COVID began in 2020, it changed everything, making the trends more unpredictable. Will plaintiff attorneys turn a global pandemic into individual tort claims and what will be the outcome? We may not know for a long time.
  • Ep 21 Scott Voss: A Partner from the Beginning
    Cara Drenth, Director of Underwriting at HealthCap talks with Scott Voss, President of Voss Insurance Services and original HealthCap agent. Listen as they talk about what COVID has been like for agencies and owners, how we've handled crises in the past, and what the future may hold for senior living facilities.
  • Ep 20 Intimacy Between Residents
    Humans are sexual beings from the time they are born until they die. How do you handle situations when residents become intimate?
  • Ep 19 Mark Parkinson April 2021
    HealthCap CEO Peter Feeney and AHCA President & CEO Mark Parkinson talk about the future of COVID, vaccines and variants, and what the senior living community might expect regarding census in the future.
  • Ep 18 David Mathog: An Agent's Perspective on COVID-19
    Peter Feeney, CEO of HealthCap and David Mathog, Senior Vice President National Healthcare Practice Leader at USI Insurance Services talk about the effects COVID-19 has had on clients from an agent's perspective.
  • Ep. 17 - Talking Monoclonal Antibodies with Chad Worz, PharmD and Chief Executive of ASCP
    In this podcast we discuss treating residents who have contracted COVID with monoclonal antibodies such as bamlanivimab and remdesivir. Where do these antibodies come from? Who can be treated with them? What if the resident has already been vaccinated? Chad Worz, PhamD, BGCP and Chief Executive of ASCP has the answers to these questions and more! ASCP is a membership association that represents pharmacists, health care professionals, and students serving the unique medication needs of older adults. ASCP is an international organization with members located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and 12 countries. The society’s mission is to promote healthy aging by empowering pharmacists with education, resources, and innovative opportunities.
  • Ep. 16 - "Project Hug" Vetter's COVID Vaccination Clinic
    Vetter Health Services began vaccination of their residents and staff on December 28. Listen as Peter and Angie speak with Shari Terry, Vetter’s COO about their process and what worked well for them.
  • Ep. 15 - Mark Parkinson, AHCA NCAL
    Listen in as HealthCap CEO Peter Feeney talks with AHCA President and CEO Mark Parkinson about the challenges the senior living industry faced in 2020, and a look ahead at what 2021 brings us in regards to vaccines, federal funding, census, and liability protection.
  • Ep. 14 - A Conversation with Vivage Senior Living
    Join HealthCap Director of Risk Management Angie Szumlinski as she talks with Cynthia Coenen, Chief Clinical Officer for Vivage Senior Living in Colorado. Angie and Cynthia talk about best practices, documentation, and lessons learned during this pandemic.
  • Ep. 13 – COVID Successes of Cedar Crest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    Assistant Administrator of Cedar Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Sunnyvale, California. They walk us through the implementation and execution of their successful COVID plan that brought them through the outbreak to being declared COVID-free today.
  • Ep 12. What is Legal Immunity in the Time of COVID-19? May 12, 2020
    We've been hearing the term "immunity" a lot in the news lately. But when talking about immunity, there's another kind that has nothing to do with antibodies. In today's podcast, Christina Nechiporchik and Marc Feeney discuss legal immunity, and how it affects the senior living industry.
  • Alliance Insurance Group's Tips Under 10 Podcast featuring Angie Szumlinski - May 2020
    Alliance Insurance Group's Carl Swan talks to Angie about Operators' questions regarding managing PPE, infection surveys, documentation, OSHA and more.
  • Ep 11 Root Cause Analysis - Feb 19, 2020
    When an incident occurs, what do you do? Are you just running around putting out fires? Listen as HealthCap Risk Managers Patti Sweet and Donna Long explain the Root Cause Analysis process and why you should be doing it in your facility.
  • Ep 10 Coronavirus and Infection Control - Feb 5, 2020
    It's no wonder coronavirus is all over the news. With the number of cases of coronavirus at over 20,000 in China, the number of cases in the U.S. has now risen to over 10. Many of us in the Senior Living Industry are thinking about our community and wondering what we would do it the virus came to our facility. Is the typical infection control enough? In this episode, Peter Feeney and Angie Szumlinski discuss the coronavirus outbreak and infection control in general.
  • Ep 9 Great Care Starts with Being Nice - Jan 24, 2020
    Of course, our #1 priority is providing great care for our senior living residents, but did you know that how you treat your caregivers will affect how residents are treated? In this episode, Peter talks with HealthCap Risk Managers Joy Schultz and Sherry Mastropietro on their experience in skilled nursing and long term care facilities and how "just being nice" can make a huge difference.
  • Ep. 8 Ransomware and Cyber Attacks in Senior Living - Jan 10, 2020
    Listening to the news it seems that cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common. Is the Senior Living Community being targeted? What do hackers want? In today's podcast, Peter and Angie talk with James Gutierrez, Director of IT at HealthCap. Listen to hear what you should do and how you can mitigate damage if you are attacked.
  • Ep. 7 Recharge Your Employees - Dec 26, 2019
    During this end of the year episode, Peter and Angie talk about things you can do to get your employees recharged for the upcoming year.
  • Ep. 6 Arbitration Agreements - Dec 20, 2019
    Arbitration agreements are a hot topic in our industry. Many residents and their families may think of arbitration as waiving their right to a jury trial if there is a claim, but there are many benefits to them. In this podcast Christina Nechiporchik, Staff Attorney at HealthCap talks with Andrea DeLand, HealthCap Risk Manager and Manda Ayoub, Pomeroy Living's COO about the benefits of arbitration agreements and how to successfully implement them in your facility.
  • Ep. 5 Sepsis - Dec 6, 2019
    Every hour that a resident is in septic shock and not receiving antibiotics, their risk of death increases by almost 10%. Knowing the signs of sepsis and early diagnosis are key to fighting the infection. Peter Feeney talks with Risk Managers Cathy Angi and Cathy Hamblen about what to look for and what to do when you suspect sepsis.
  • Ep. 4 Preparing for Winter - Nov 29, 2019
    For much of the country, winter is here (or will be soon)! What do facilities need to do to be ready? Is there anything you're not thinking about? Preparation is the key, especially for those southern states where winter doesn't strike often. In this episode, Peter talks with Angie Szumlinski about what to think about, how to prepare and what you should do if there is an incident due to ice.
  • Ep. 3 Preparing for the Holidays - Nov 22, 2019
    The holidays can be especially stressful when loved ones are in a nursing home, long term care, or skilled nursing facilities. For families and facilities, early planning and preparation is the key.
  • Ep. 2 The CMS "Red Hand Campaign" - Nov 15, 2019
    What is the so-called “Red Hand Campaign” that was launched by CMS last fall? Join HealthCap CEO Peter Feeney as he talks with HealthCap Risk Managers Cheryl Wilcox, RN, CLNC, RAC-CT, and Dorene Spies, LNHA about the campaign, what it is, how it can affect facilities, and what to do if you receive a “red hand” icon on
  • Ep. 1 Doing the Right Thing - Nov 15, 2019
    What does it mean for senior living providers to do the right thing when it comes to providing high-quality care? We share insight on staffing, family engagement and executing arbitration agreements. Join Peter Feeney, Managing Partner and Angie Szumlinski, Director of Risk Management as they discuss how doing the right thing pays off.